Too Comfortable

It’s time to step into our boldness

We all have a level that we are comfortable at, life is easy or familiar in this place. But is that where we need to be? Are we living up to our potential? Are we living our highest and best life possible or do we short change ourselves because we are afraid to advance into our purpose filled life? Or maybe its just easier to stay where we are, advancing oneself does take great effort and action after all. Creating a new plan or re-inventing ourselves can seem like a grueling and tiresome task that we’d just prefer not to implement.

If it’s not broke then why fix it? Or maybe it is broke and we are just stuck in our comfortable chaos as I like to put it. I coined the phrase because I know that place all too well. If you sit there too long however, you get a deep stirring from within. It’s a catch 22 because our spirit isn’t comfortable there even when our mind says that we are. We begin to get smothered in an awareness that we need a shift, we crave change. If you are in that place right now then you are literally “feeling” my words as you read them. It seems the years come and go and we are randomly cycled into this place, perhaps because of our inactivity of being bold and brave and neglecting the wishes of our spirit to fulfill our purpose. Picking ourselves up by our boot straps and rising out of this place becomes as important to us as breathing.

My latest cycle of sitting in this place over the last year since my Father passed is what now has me building not only this new website and typing this blog tonight, but it also has me creating new dreams, visions and goals. It has me stepping out of my comfort zone. Trust me, my mind was comfortable sitting in the chaotic mess of my depressing health and feelings, and coupled with my fears of stepping out again after hiding away for a year also got the best of me. I wasn’t on my game anymore, not on top of things and not in familiar surroundings with familiar faces that lifted me. But one day, I started to begin to feel the deep stirring of the plans that I had made for myself, the things that I told myself that I would fulfill, the plans that came from deep within, the plans that God had whispered to me way back when before I moved to Florida. The same ones that I can no longer neglect and ignore, because if I do, I will continually feel the conviction of my heart telling me to get busy, get well, get moving, get talking, get writing, get working, get playing, get laughing, and most of all, get living.

When we don’t step into the fullness of who we really are, we are essentially not allowing God to be who He is, through us. Can you imagine the sadness that he must feel, to watch us fumble and foil? Our confidence should come from knowing that He is always with us, preparing the way. Not only is he holding our right hand but He is also in our future paving the way if we will let Him. He is the beacon of light that rustles us up out of the darkness. He gives us endless encouragement and unfailing guidance and love, how amazing, and yet we ignore that? Turn a blind eye to His calling? We are written in His book for goodness sakes, with a plan, our plan, a plan that He appointed to us, a well written plan, a plan that only we can fulfill, and we sit by idly spinning our wheels getting nowhere. When I think how much farther into my plan I could be right now, I am irritated with myself, yet also delighted with myself that I am no longer sitting, I’m doing, I’m participating in my plan. I can’t imagine getting to heaven someday and having God say, “Young lady, this was your purpose that I gave to you and it never got done”, as He shows me my name in His book.

Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. 

Isaiah 41:10


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