God’s Sustainability

Breaking New Ground

Sometimes when we feel like its the end of our world as we know it, we must realize that it’s only the end of those aspects in our world that are not solidly grounded. Life is like a foundation, when things are crumbling down around us it is not because we are being punished, rather it is because it was never safe and sound ground for us in the first place. God knows our needs more than we do and Gods love is the only real power in the world…One of my favorite saying, “This too shall pass”, and when we sit quietly and allow it to peacefully pass, it is in that stillness that we then realize His greater plan for us. After the collapse, what is TRUTH for us will emerge from the dust, what is FALSE will disintegrate. We have received the blessing when we can feel the freedom from no longer living in the denial of trying to sustain something that is flawed.~Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel


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