Strive to Thrive

Remember there is not a ceiling to life. Everything is infinite. Everything is energy. Take risks. Bust through adversity. Don’t take “No” for an answer, especially from yourself. When you find that a door is closed, search for another opening even if it’s a cracked window that you can crawl through, as long as it’s an opening, you know that there is something waiting to be discovered on the other side of it. Stay in motion. Never stop learning or teaching. Don’t sell yourself short. Know that you are worthy. Challenge yourself. Align the vibration of your faith to that of your desires. Go after your dreams with the fortitude that you can bring them into fruition. Create your destiny. Be your highest calling. Dive into your passion and swim as if you’re dolphin in the sea, gracefully and at ease. Believe that there is not only good in the world but that there is greatness in the world and choose to become part of that greatness. Don’t just expect from God, co-create with God. Do your part in the world, even if it’s just a tiny corner of the world for now. Make a difference.
Live. Give. Forgive. Love.
Blessings ~ Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel



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