Simply Love

Why is it that the humaness in us sometimes chooses to make LOVE such a difficult task when it is really the simplest and purest choice that we could all, as a being in “the human race” collectively make in life.

LOVE has the potential to gift each and everyone of us with such joy and happiness if we just simply allow it to do so, instead we judge it, question it, fear it, change it with our words or actions, poison it, lose faith in it, falsify it, betray it, allow others power over it, interfere with it, deny it, jeopardize it, threaten it, endanger it, begrudge it, resist it, invalidate it, cripple it, sabotage it, reject it, control it, manipulate it, weaken it, insult it, wound it, violate it, hinder it, obstruct it, forbid it, abuse it, take it for granted and dishonor it.

We not only choose to do these things to sabotage our own LOVE at times but out of malice to other individuals LOVE as well, when no matter what our place is, it is still not our place in life to intrude upon anothers or others journey.

Why do we not just breathe LOVE in like a powerful ocean breeze and let it flow naturally in the serenity it holds. LOVE feeds our souls like nothing else in the universe can.

Why do we get in the way of LOVE or allow others to intrude upon it or worse yet, guiltfully intrude upon it against our fellow man/woman. Nothing that resonates the power of LOVE deserves to be ill treated.

LOVE is truly the stongest place to sit within ourselves with those that we bond with in every type of relationship that we build in life, whether it be within our family love, our friendship love or our romantic love, so why do we not choose to just peacefully sit in LOVE’S strength for ourselves and sit in LOVE’S strength for others as well. Isn’t it time for the world to SIMPLY LIVE and LET LOVE? ~ Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel


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