Brown Butter & Caper Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Blue Apron

Tony ❀️’s Blue Apron! πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ˜
He’s a fan of their delicious and healthy meals and it makes meal prep so easy for me now and I’m a big fan of their yumminess too! πŸ˜‹
…So tonight was a Blue Apron night at the Fogel house even though we are under construction with installing new floors this week. I wasn’t able to do a β€œlive” demonstration due to Mr Fogel’s hammering and sawing. 🀫 Lol 🀣
…But I figured I could at least take some pics and an end result video and post them for all of my dear FB friends! 😍
Below is the link that takes you to my Blue Apron account where you can get $30 Off your first order just to try them out! Get them delivered right to your doorstep with farm fresh ingredients and easy, quick to prepare amazing gourmet recipes. Your tummies won’t be sorry, that’s for sure! ~ Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel
🍽 πŸ…πŸ†πŸ₯‘πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦πŸ πŸ₯’πŸŒΆ 🍽

Refreshment & Nourishment


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