Become a Kombucha Ninja

Have you wanted to learn how to brew Kombucha but are a little afraid of getting started? I certainly was! I feared that I might kill the poor little live guy so I held back from trying for quite some time and then one day I just got tired of spending $60 a week on my favorite brand so I got online and dove in. My first batch was superb and I’ve been a diehard and dedicated Kombucha brewer and connoisseur ever since. What once cost me nearly $5 a 14 oz bottle now costs me about 30 cents a quart and it tastes even better than my once favorite brand. I can make any variety and flavor combination that I desire as well, so its fun experimenting.

I will be posting a few videos in the near future on how to brew a successful gallon of Kombucha, it’s really quite easy, as fearful as I was I realized soon that the scobies (live cultures) are not as fragile as one might think, even the babies are pretty darn hearty. My first time that I created a baby, you would have thought that there was a new born human baby in the house to care for. I tip toed through the kitchen carrying it ever so gently as I laid it down in its dark cupboard resting area as if I was putting it in its crib to go nigh-night. I soon got over that as I realized just how tough and magnificent they really are.

So your homework is to get your Kombucha Kit and a 100% juice of your choice depending on what flavor you’d like to add to your batch when it’s finished. Grab some mason jars as well because once you make your first batch I know you will want to turn right around and make a second so you will need to free up your gallon jar that comes in your kit. I make typically 3-4 gallons at a time about every 8-10 days. I don’t ever want to run out. lol

The link provided below is a great kit to get you started on the road to Kombucha brewing!

We will touch not only on the “How To” of making Kombucha but also the health benefits as well in the upcoming videos.

Feel free to email me when you have your kit and you’re ready to start and meet/friend me on Facebook at either Kimberly Kaye Fogel, Privy to Sweet Reason or Discovering Wellness. The videos will be live and posted on all three pages.

~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel

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