For many years I didn’t have much and I longed for “things” that I thought would make me happy and when I finally could have some “things” I discovered how much I loved coats and shoes and boots and clothes and jewelry and “things”, and I loved the social aspects of life, mingling often to the point of fatigue. Stretching myself thin. As I descend into the new year my eyes are widely opened to the fact that I have much more than I need in those areas of life (in which I am currently down sizing since my move). I’ve learned how the little peaceful moments and self love and care far exceed what any pair of shoes could give me in fulfillment. It has taken me 50 years of not having, to having and realizing that peace and happiness does not come in the having, its not found longterm in a shoebox. Of course my desire is to be blessed with all of my needs and of course my human nature desires to thrive in life but it is the things like time off and trips to see my beautiful kids, time with my father, my dearest friends, my pets, healthy food, a modest comfortable home, rewarding and busy work, the physical strength and health to carry through life, the pampering of self care such as massage and body work and detox baths, my daily supplements, my books, music, my teachers in life, hugs, vehicles that run smoothly, a warm smile from a stranger, nature (when it’s warm), trips to the ocean to recharge, the giving and receiving of love and cheerfulness to all whom I encounter, these are truly the rewards of an incredible life, these are my treasures in life. I look forward to a happy, vibrant and healthy upcoming 2018

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