Just Think! 🤔 💭 💡

We never truly move forward in life until we learn how to think. It is in our thinking that we create and then we act. It spurs on our feelings and it leads us to our hearts desires. Today, I ask you to engage your attention on your thoughts. Leave the tv off, put the magazines down, even the books that you perhaps read to learn from. I employ you to just think today, your very own thoughts that belong to only you…write a small synopsis reviewing your thoughts at the days end…What magical places did they whisk you off to? What plans did you make? Whom did you think of? Were they happy thoughts? Did you think of your future? Did you start a new venture or create something new? How did you feel just sitting within your own mind for the day? Our brain is so magnificent and our imagination is one of our most valued treasures in life. Shut out the world and all of its opinions and just let yourself wander off to La La Land. Have fun and explore the depths of your being.
Blessings ~ Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel