Be Grateful

Be grateful that God created the Heavens and the Earth by giving thanks to all that He naturally created for us. Let it multiply and keep it safe and clean. Utilize it’s resources to keep you vibrant, alive and sustained. Amen! Be Blessed and Be Well~Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Just Think! 🤔 💭 💡

We never truly move forward in life until we learn how to think. It is in our thinking that we create and then we act. It spurs on our feelings and it leads us to our hearts desires. Today, I ask you to engage your attention on your thoughts. Leave the tv off, put the magazines down, even the books that you perhaps read to learn from. I employ you to just think today, your very own thoughts that belong to only you…write a small synopsis reviewing your thoughts at the days end…What magical places did they whisk you off to? What plans did you make? Whom did you think of? Were they happy thoughts? Did you think of your future? Did you start a new venture or create something new? How did you feel just sitting within your own mind for the day? Our brain is so magnificent and our imagination is one of our most valued treasures in life. Shut out the world and all of its opinions and just let yourself wander off to La La Land. Have fun and explore the depths of your being.
Blessings ~ Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Shine Your Light

You are worthy of everything good because you are a child of God. Let yourself live beautifully. Inspire others with your joy and success. Allow your light to shine brightly today as your personal gift to the world. Enjoy a blessed day! ~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Winds of Change

We can either delay our process by cowering down and waiting for the storms to pass, having then to emerge into the rubble that is left behind and try to make sense of it all or we can boldly go out and secure everything that has value and meaning to us by realizing it’s worth way before the storm will hit. This is a metaphor whether it consists of your physical life, your belongings, your health, your positioning or your relationships in life.

The old adage tells us, why put off until tomorrow what can be done today. There comes a time when one must take an analysis of life, checking the pros and cons of each facet of life, where is it working and where is not…and then be brave enough to face the winds of change. ~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel



You Must Act


What are you doing RIGHT NOW to improve your position in life? Believing is the first step but YOU MUST ACT in order to receive. Get off your tush and meet God half way!
Learn something new, develop your passion until it becomes your life’s work and your own personal Ministry to your corner of the world…and then some!

My definition of ACT: Accelerating Conscious Truth!

~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogle

Choose Well

Will you be Limited or Limitless? Minuscule or Magnificent? Powerless or Powerful? Mindless or Mindful? Thoughtless or Thoughtful? Pessimistic or Productive? Confined or Center-Staged? Your outcome lies within your choosing. Choose wisely, for you are well worth it! ~ Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel



Give to others what you can, it doesn’t have to be monetary gifts, in fact, gifts such as a smile, holding the door for someone or letting a car go ahead of you are gestures that most of us remember and appreciate throughout the day mostly. Small or large acts of kindness and giving from the heart, that is what today should be all about. You will not only make ones day but your heart will smile as well with every gesture that you give. ~ Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel



Strive to be both a student and a teacher, ask questions, research something that intrigues you, learn something new, join a class or workshop, dedicate a moment of your day to inspire or guide someone, pass along stories and memories to others. Initiate conversations, forward helpful hints and tips. Be productive today in learning and educating. Make the world a better place.~Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Strive to Thrive

Remember there is not a ceiling to life. Everything is infinite. Everything is energy. Take risks. Bust through adversity. Don’t take “No” for an answer, especially from yourself. When you find that a door is closed, search for another opening even if it’s a cracked window that you can crawl through, as long as it’s an opening, you know that there is something waiting to be discovered on the other side of it. Stay in motion. Never stop learning or teaching. Don’t sell yourself short. Know that you are worthy. Challenge yourself. Align the vibration of your faith to that of your desires. Go after your dreams with the fortitude that you can bring them into fruition. Create your destiny. Be your highest calling. Dive into your passion and swim as if you’re dolphin in the sea, gracefully and at ease. Believe that there is not only good in the world but that there is greatness in the world and choose to become part of that greatness. Don’t just expect from God, co-create with God. Do your part in the world, even if it’s just a tiny corner of the world for now. Make a difference.
Live. Give. Forgive. Love.
Blessings ~ Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel



God’s Sustainability

Breaking New Ground

Sometimes when we feel like its the end of our world as we know it, we must realize that it’s only the end of those aspects in our world that are not solidly grounded. Life is like a foundation, when things are crumbling down around us it is not because we are being punished, rather it is because it was never safe and sound ground for us in the first place. God knows our needs more than we do and Gods love is the only real power in the world…One of my favorite saying, “This too shall pass”, and when we sit quietly and allow it to peacefully pass, it is in that stillness that we then realize His greater plan for us. After the collapse, what is TRUTH for us will emerge from the dust, what is FALSE will disintegrate. We have received the blessing when we can feel the freedom from no longer living in the denial of trying to sustain something that is flawed.~Blessings, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel