Privy to Sweet Reason with Dr. Kimberly

Welcome Privies,

This site and my personal blog are for those that desire to gather, mingle, experience and share collectively in the joy of  simplistic strategies, insight, inspiration, perspective and valuable tips that lead to a life of genuine living and thriving at any age.

Life is fragile, but through exploration on every level we can begin the process of coming into one’s “own”.

Through health and wellness, surrender and growth, restoration and vibrancy, intention and expression, substance and testimony, self love and care, laughter and levity,  knowledge and wisdom we will come to know our birthright, the gal or guy that God intended for us to be. For it is when we truly know ourselves, that we can then envision the direction of our true journey and begin to walk it and live it.

My purpose is to inspire you to live life ~ all inclusively, so be  prepared to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s time to live a deliciously sweet life. You are about to join me and embark on becoming a Priviest Member of Sweet Reason.


Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel

Definition of Privies: Persons connected together, or having mutual interest in the same things, actions or ideas. One whom receives extra privilege to join a special group.

Definition of Sweet Reason: To make sweet, to make pleasing or grateful to the mind or feelings; as to sweeten life, to sweeten friendship.