God Has You

Today…And everyday, I have this overwhelming feeling of REALLY KNOWING just how much God has me. He has my back, He carries me through life and He does it so beautifully. Always has!
I know that He expects me to meet Him half way and as much as I try to, I don’t even come close…yet He still carries my extra weight while still blessing me with amazing people in my life and wonderful opportunities to continually grow.
I know that He placed me here to serve, to grow, to explore and to consistently learn, and those are the things that I strive to accomplish every single day!
Never do I want a day to slip by that I didn’t learn something new that was of great value in some respect. I vow to God and also to myself to continually make positive changes that stretch me way beyond my grasp…for I am very grateful for this gift called LIFE! Amen! Thank you God! ~ Your loving daughter,

Kimberly Kaye Fogel 🙏🏽💜🕊


My Father, Stay Close

I ask you Dear Lord, My God, My Father, stay close to me, speak to me, nudge me, direct me with your Holy Spirit as I am an open vessel only unto You. Lay my path before me with Your intention and direction. Instill in me great enthusiasm in which to follow Your gracious lead. Use me as an instrument to preform well in this gift of life that You have awarded me. Show me intently the opportunities that You wish me to act upon. And forever and ever, know my gratitude for all of the ways in which you have blessed me, whether through my tragedies or triumphs, as both have led me into my immeasurable faith in You, The Trinity. Amen! ~ Your Loving Daughter, Kimberly Kaye Fogel 🙏🏽💜🕊