Holy Trinity




In my own personal prayer time tonight I was praying about, or perhaps even wrestling with, having what it takes to fully surrender my life to the Holy Spirit. Not just in doses here and there throughout my days, but completely as this hunger, thirst, desire, call, has been pressed upon my heart for quite some time.

One would equate surrender on this earthly plane to come from a state of weakness but as I wanted to move closer and closer to a state of surrender I found myself asking Him to supply me with everything it would take to accomplish this level of surrender because in that moment I knew I would fall short of what it would require of me. I imagined it being continuous focus coupled with ongoing, push forward, never ceasing strength in order to fully surrender every moment by moment that I was thirsting for.

As you analyze what that would take in your human brain, it makes you realize that Rather, I could never be strong enough, contrary to becoming weak enough, to manage this type of surrender living on this earth as we do.

…but then the Holy Spirit silenced my thoughts and gently whispered back to me, “That is where I come in, you do not have to manage it, you only have to have faith and trust in me because I AM strong enough within you, for you to surrender”.
Peace & Amen šŸ™šŸ½šŸ’œšŸ•Š

Blessings ~ Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel

Oh come, Holy Spirit!

If you woke up today and the Holy Spirit no longer dwelled inside of you, what would your life be like? Would you personally recognize any difference in your life? Would you know that He wasn’t present?
Jesus told the disciples that He must leave so that the Holy Spirit, Our Counselor and Comforter, could come and dwell inside of us to become Our Helper. That we would have the power of the Spirit of Our Living God within us at all times. He is always there. Do you draw near to Him? Do you interact with Him at all times? Daily? Sundays at church? Randomly? Never? Would He be missed by you? Are you aware of His presence? Do you only have basic knowledge of Him or do you consistently interact with Him? Do you wish to experience His presence in your life? He is your gift from God, the person of God within you. Call out to Him, awaken Him within you. He is a gentleman, He is awaiting your request. He will not force Himself upon you. Call His name. Invite Him. He is life changing.
Oh come, Holy Spirit!
Oh come, Holy Spirit!
In Jesus’ Mighty Name! Amen! šŸ™šŸ½šŸ’œšŸ•Š

When God Nudges

Sometimes in life we haphazardly jump onto a path and run with it just to get struck down, as if by lightening, wind knocked out of our sails, wounded, broken, weakened and left in despair, disbelief and what seems like tons of rubble that we will never have the strength to crawl out from. It can knock us literally breathless for awhile and so our human nature sits in it struggling and fighting to free ourselves, only to be left exhausted, irritated and stuck.
When we can no longer muster enough strength on our own, we finally surrender and learn that the strongest action that we can do is learn to sit idle in peace and turn to God.
In our newfound quietude is where we begin to hear the gentle whispering and nudging from the Holy Spirit, The One that ultimately is our only true rescuer from the rubble and shows us the way out and because of our newly learned patience, there comes the time that we are released from the cell walls of what seemed to be our doom…and blessed with the gift to witness a most beautiful and brilliant light before us…Called a new beginning. One that is so much greater than we had ever expected. A path so much clearer than the one “we thought” we needed. It just goes to show that God always knows best for us and when we can sit in His love for us and accept, in peace, what once appeared as great loss, in His time He will reveal to us why it was not in our favor, the way we had tried to force it. He ALWAYS has the better plan if we just trust that “Father knows best”.
How do I know this…It was my last 2 1/2 years but I am free and my new beginning is beautiful and filled with His brilliant light. My last year of sitting ever so quietly in His presence was the most rewarding and trustworthy relationship I’ve ever experienced. To God goes all of The Glory for all that I’ve learned and for His genuine love of his daughter…Not only Me, but All of Us! If you are going through anything that you question, has brought you to a state of disparity, God has a promise and a plan for you. Be open to it and trust it, and you will receive it in the best time appointed by Him. ~ Blessings and Gratitude, Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel šŸ™šŸ½šŸ’œšŸ•Š