For many years I didn’t have much and I longed for “things” that I thought would make me happy and when I finally could have some “things” I discovered how much I loved coats and shoes and boots and clothes and jewelry and “things”, and I loved the social aspects of life, mingling often to the point of fatigue. Stretching myself thin. As I descend into the new year my eyes are widely opened to the fact that I have much more than I need in those areas of life (in which I am currently down sizing since my move). I’ve learned how the little peaceful moments and self love and care far exceed what any pair of shoes could give me in fulfillment. It has taken me 50 years of not having, to having and realizing that peace and happiness does not come in the having, its not found longterm in a shoebox. Of course my desire is to be blessed with all of my needs and of course my human nature desires to thrive in life but it is the things like time off and trips to see my beautiful kids, time with my father, my dearest friends, my pets, healthy food, a modest comfortable home, rewarding and busy work, the physical strength and health to carry through life, the pampering of self care such as massage and body work and detox baths, my daily supplements, my books, music, my teachers in life, hugs, vehicles that run smoothly, a warm smile from a stranger, nature (when it’s warm), trips to the ocean to recharge, the giving and receiving of love and cheerfulness to all whom I encounter, these are truly the rewards of an incredible life, these are my treasures in life. I look forward to a happy, vibrant and healthy upcoming 2018

Healthy Start to 2018

It is appropriate to start the new year fresh with a hot relaxing detox bath, soothing music and the aroma of beautiful lavender and white sage scents to cleanse the mind, body and spirit as a symbol of renewal for this new beginning of time and then top it off with my first meal of the year being a plate of fruit…catch you later all my FB family and friends…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Be Grateful

Be grateful that God created the Heavens and the Earth by giving thanks to all that He naturally created for us. Let it multiply and keep it safe and clean. Utilize it’s resources to keep you vibrant, alive and sustained. Amen! Be Blessed and Be Well~Dr Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Roasted Turkey & Ferro-Endive Salad with Brown Butter Apple Compote

Tonight’s dinner from Blue Apron was Roasted Turkey & Farro-Endive Salad with Brown Butter Apple Compote. Oh My Sweet Goodness! It was Absolutely Scrumptious! Prepped, prepared and served in 35 minutes. Farm fresh ingredients delivered straight to my door to prepare gourmet meals! Nothing ordinary or boring about these healthy meals! 🍽
Check out the link below to start your “cheffing it up” journey!



Pecan Crusted Pork Cutlets with Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli

Healthy Gluten, Antibiotic and Hormone Free Cooking

Tonight’s dinner was a “throw it together meal” with no recipe so here’s what I came up with in my kitchen with a little help from Meat The Butchers.
I started with deboned and tenderized pork cutlets, antibiotic and hormone free.
I crushed raw pecans with the rolling pin and added gluten free flour. I sprinkled the cutlets with salt and pepper and rolled them in the pecan flour mix, put them on a baking sheet and oven roasted in avocado oil for 25 minutes at 425.
The sweet potatoes were also coated in avocado oil and tossed in a ziplock bag with the pecan and flour coating. For my veggie dish I oven steamed broccoli, onions, garlic and sprinkled with a key lime citrus sea salt seasoning. Lastly I topped the organic pork with an absolutely delicious organic Asian Pear Chutney. OMG! ‘‘Twas Yummy!
Total prep and cooking time was about 40 minutes.

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Just Think! 🤔 💭 💡

We never truly move forward in life until we learn how to think. It is in our thinking that we create and then we act. It spurs on our feelings and it leads us to our hearts desires. Today, I ask you to engage your attention on your thoughts. Leave the tv off, put the magazines down, even the books that you perhaps read to learn from. I employ you to just think today, your very own thoughts that belong to only you…write a small synopsis reviewing your thoughts at the days end…What magical places did they whisk you off to? What plans did you make? Whom did you think of? Were they happy thoughts? Did you think of your future? Did you start a new venture or create something new? How did you feel just sitting within your own mind for the day? Our brain is so magnificent and our imagination is one of our most valued treasures in life. Shut out the world and all of its opinions and just let yourself wander off to La La Land. Have fun and explore the depths of your being.
Blessings ~ Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Stop The Struggle

Sometimes you just have to be done trying to fit a square plug into a round hole. It will never fit unless you want to spin your wheels whittling it down over lost time just to find out it’s still always going to be the same ‘ol block of wood. Blessings ~ Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel



Shine Your Light

You are worthy of everything good because you are a child of God. Let yourself live beautifully. Inspire others with your joy and success. Allow your light to shine brightly today as your personal gift to the world. Enjoy a blessed day! ~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel


Sheet Pan Deviled Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Collard Greens ~ Simply Scrumptious

Blue Apron

I thought I was eating at a gourmet restaurant tonight until I realized that I still had to do the dishes! Hahaha! 😂🤣
OMG! This meal was scrumptious!!! 😋
Blue Apron did it again! 💚

Dinner tonight was Sheet Pan Deviled Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Collard Greens. So far I think this meal is our favorite! We will definitely enjoy this recipe often.

The best part… My dollars 💵 are not going to big chain stores, with produce picked too early because they have to sit on truck after truck for weeks or months before they hit the store shelves. My money is going to small contracted farmers that vow to grow good, healthy, quality, pure food. No GMO’s, hormones or antibiotics.

My meals are delivered fresh right to my doorstep with everything I need to prepare them. And they are delicious every time!

Click the link below if you are ready to start your Blue Apron experience too. You’ll be thrilled when it arrives to your table! 🍽

(Remodeling is almost complete, we will be cooking together “Live” again soon) 😉

Blue Apron – Give the Gift of Cooking

Give The Gift Of Cooking This Christmas Season