Pen to paper

20th Century New Thought Author

I’m not usually a fan of titles, labels, diagnosis, etc…I love to see things for what they are at the root, not what they seem (perhaps that is the scientist in me) and people for how they are, not who they are (perhaps the empath and libertarian) There you see, I’m not good at labeling ; I’m pretty much a bare bones kind of girl but today something resonated with me at the core of my being and made me smile greatly when I heard it because it was one of those inspiring “Ahhh’ha, that’s it” moments for me. Always desiring to be a writer, dabbling in it here and there over the years with writing a column for a few years (which I miss), writing courses that I taught in the past (which I also miss) and my bit of input here on my website, coupled with great intentions of that being my next grand chapter and passion in life. I heard the title, “20th Century New Thought Author”. I love it! That is my wish, that will be another of my new directions for life, that will inspire me to get the books that have been caged within my head, put onto paper where they belong. ~ Blessings, Dr. Kimberly Kaye Fogel 🦋


My Favorite Prayer Book

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Great Complimentary Book ~ Highly Recommended